Virtual Martial Arts: Lesson 1

Here we go! This lesson assumes that you have no training in martial arts and no access to a qualified school/dojo, and most importantly that you have the dedication and patience to learn from a video.  (More on this later).  

This is the basic, good ol’ 1-2 punch (Jab, Cross) with some Kali footwork incorporated into the drill.    

If you are a beginner, one thing I want you guys to notice is that this drill trains both sides (right and left, south paw and orthodox). You should always strive to be ambidextrous - being able to perform any skill with either hand.  

This drill can be done slowly for skill development or rapidly for cardio.  Feel free to modify the integrated exercise to suit your needs.  It could be an Up-Down (as shown); it could be a push-up, 10 push-ups, lunge, jumping lunge, etc.  The only requirement is repetition for both the skill and the exercise.  


When you’ve done a 1-2 punch 10,000 times, you own it, and no one can take it from you.  Your muscles are faster than your brain, but they are stupid by nature; only repetition makes them remember!

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