Virtual Martial Arts: 21 Foot Rule

This video is meant to reinforce the training from Lesson 1.  You MUST be able to use your hands to defend yourself, and you must have the speed and the power to do so effectively.

Many people carry weapons for self defense: gun, knife, etc.  But when you are within arms reach of someone, it will be useless if you are dealing with a committed attacker who means you harm, especially if he has a weapon of his own.  Action is faster than reaction, and a person who is “defending” themselves is naturally reacting and at a disadvantage.  

I cannot tell you how many people I have asked “what is your plan if you or your loved ones are attacked?” that reply “I carry a gun.  I’ll just shoot them”  And to anyone that thinks that ... “No. You. Won’t. JUST. Shoot. Them.”

Every weapon has a specific range at which it is useful, and which it is also useless.  A kickboxer cannot throw a roundhouse if he is mounted, and a boxer cannot throw his mean, right hook if he is in a clench.  

A gun will not save you from getting knocked out cold if you are within arms reach, and it will not save you from getting stabbed if you are inside “21 feet”.  This principal has been known since the 80s when Sergeant Dennis Tueller of Salt Lake City Police Department first designed his now famous experiment.    

It’s also important to know that the name “21 Foot Rule” is derived from the distance at which Tueller concluded a firearm was effective; in reality it isn’t literally 21 feet; it’s a principle.  There are many different situations that could lengthen or shorten the distance.  

The principle is simple:  You can not overly rely on one weapon or one set of skills.  You need training in them all.  

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