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In the End, Hate Always Loses

In the end, hate always loses, always.

Hate may, for a while ...

  • be enormously powerful.
  • cause an incalculable amount of damage.
  • harm or even destroy an incalculable number of lives.

Nonetheless, in the end, hate will always lose. Hate will always fail. Hate will always collapse, always.

This is because hate invariably contains within itself the seed of its own destruction.

I have learned a very fundamental truth about reality. If, after I'm gone, you remember nothing else about me, please remember that I wrote these words: Nothing that is out of balance will last long. Nothing out of balance lasts. An imbalanced thing is on its way to non-existence and the only variable is how long it will take to get there. It may take milliseconds or it may take millennia, but sooner or later, it will cease to exist. An imbalanced thing must either become balanced or terminate. It has no third option.

Hate's fatal flaw is that, at its core, it is an imbalanced thing. Hate is not balanced. It isn't stable. Hate cannot stand on its own. Hate must always be, in one way or another, externally propped-up. Sooner or later, that external prop will be removed, and it then becomes inevitable that hate will collapse. That collapse can't not happen; it is as inevitable as the heat death of the Universe in which we live.

There is good reason to believe that we may be entering (or have already entered) a time when hate will be, for a while, in its ascendancy. Hate may, for a while, cause a massive amount of destruction, possibly to a previously unseen degree.

If this happens, if hate is in fact ascending, then we must, in a just and decent way, prevent, mitigate, repair, and otherwise oppose the destruction it will cause. We must do so as forcefully and as intelligently as we possibly can. We will always keep in mind that something which ascends, inevitably, must later descend.

We will always keep in mind this fundamental and unalterable truth: In the end, hate always loses, always.

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