Bee Network- The Bitcoin of the Future?

A new app, just like Pi Network, could be the Bitcoin of the future. Just like Pi Network, you click a button every 24 hours, and you get PI. The mining rate of BEE Network is very high right now, at 0.8 Bee/hour. It has only halved once right now. Though the coins might not be worth anything yet, they will definitely be worth a few bucks in the future. In fact, they might be the new gold!




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 In reality, you don't "mine" Bee, you just click a button to earn Bee. You don't even have to leave it open in the background. Every 24 hours, your "mining session" will end and then you click the button again.


This app is just like Pi Network



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Apps that mine crypto
Apps that mine crypto

Here are some apps that mine cryptocurrencies for you without using any power.

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