Welcome to Caelum Project on Publish0x

Welcome to Caelum Project on Publish0x

You may be seeing this project for the first time or you may want to learn more about it. We are a community based project growing day by day. Initially we started off with 6 founding members with the idea of creating a blockchain capable of sending enormous number of transactions reliably and giving us great flexibility for future development.

Caelum Project is a fast blockchain initially offering a truely decentralised digital inheritance solution for digital assets within the Caelum Ecosystem. The network is run on a limited 150 masternodes to ensure that only the best and reliable are utilised. 


CLMP the token of the Caelum Ecosystem can be purchased from exchanges, staked through the use of voting or running a masternode. Soon you will also be able to mine CLMP incorporating the best elements of success within the world of cryptocurrency.  

The project is growing and growing and as part of the evolution to the project we are committed to updating our current users and future clients on updates to the project. Publish0x provides a capable platform to write, manage and post announcements, updates and even allow members of the community to write and publish their own work. 

Please feel free to check out our website, read the whitepaper, join telegram/discord and ask questions. We are community strong and look forward to you being a part of this.

Website  https://caelumproject.io/

Whitepaper https://caelumproject.io/whitepaper/

Telegram https://t.me/caelumofficial

Discord https://discord.gg/uXSFXzC

Written by Procryptologist

Caelum Project (CLMP)
Caelum Project (CLMP)

Official channel for Caelum Project


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