ETH 6 MONTHS RISE 2020/2021

Why I'm Buying As Much #ETH As Possible Before March

By AnarchyReigns | AnarchyReigns | 26 Jan 2021

Hello good people!

As I'm sure you're aware, this year has been amazing for crypto, and we're yet to leave January behind.

Bitcoin broke it's all time high. Ethereum broke it's all time high. Altcoins are poised and ready to explode, and some have already begun to take-off.

So, why do I want ETH, you ask?


The rise of DeFi and the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies from institutional investors has seen the entire crypto market surpass one trillion dollars in value. NFT's are becoming more widespread, even the traditional arts are getting involved and creating one-off digital masterpieces. The play to earn gaming genre is rising through the ranks, granting gamers the ability to monetise their time, and skills, in real time, and in real life.

The majority of which call Ethereum home.

And where the money goes, value increases. Even as a humble base to build from, Ethereum receives its value from those who create new projects using its blockchain.

When you consider the entry price of bitcoin, the latest farce from the SEC and their attack on Ripple, and note that Ethereum is in a gifted place - unable to come under threat from the gluttonous overlords who seek to fill their coffers with easy coin - you will undoubtedly realise that Ethereum is the next logical bet for, so called, "big money". 

Over the past 6 months ETH has risen over 300%, it has seen corrections, it has stabilised, and now, as eager hodlers sit salivating in front of candle charts, it lays poised to rise once more.

In my educated (really?) opinion, I think, and feel in my gut, that Ethereum will not only break its current all time high, but it will shoot far above it!

Ethereum will undoubtedly surpass the 3000 dollar mark in the next few months, and with several new projects, the launch of ETH 2.0, and more, I am buying as much ETH as I can.

Are you ready to ride the ETH wave into altcoin mania?

I know I am.

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