CryptoCurrencies : The Negative Psychological Impact of Fake News in CryptoSpace
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CryptoCurrencies : The Negative Psychological Impact of Fake News in CryptoSpace

Good day dear friends, colleagues, crypto enthusiasts of every crypto,

I hope you are well. I wish you a very good day.

In this article, I should speak to you about the very negative impact of the fake news in the crypto-space.

And every investors should know about that : 


Everytime a bunch of news arrive on the scene, some people called "whales" try to take all the new money arriving on the market, and then they dump it with a bunch of negative news.

The problem arises with all the people using social networks to make you believe that XRP will hit 589$ before the end of 2018 and 2019 and 2020.

It's  not honest and it is highly risky and dangerous for the retail investors, that thus believe that kind of false things and inject all their spared money in such volatile assets.

The question of Ponzi Scheme has been asked many times for every crypto-currencies, and especially for the proof of work(mining).

You maybe remember of the bitconnect scam.... long story, isn't it ?


Some people spread news which are absolutely not verified , they give you hopes of Bitcoin hitting 1 Billion dollar. Among those news, there are many lies, and purely speculative news which are there to take controle of your emotions (FOMO, greedy....)

So the retail investors lose their money while whales make their bags bigger.

And imagine what can be the long-term consequences about the trust of retail investors

Be careful.


Thank yo for reading my article.

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