Binance and Kraken {The Good} and My very bad experience with etoro {don't go there}
etoro bad experience

Binance and Kraken {The Good} and My very bad experience with etoro {don't go there}


In the fields of cryptocurrencies when it is about disappointments , it is very difficult to recognize when you have been fooled.

In the exchanges and brokers field, there are many people who lost their small money for brokers that are not completely honest.

This is difficult to accept and recognize to do it in front of others, because we feel we have been missleaded and this is not easy for the ego.


Today, the spread on XRP is 3.60% on etoro and it varies on a very crazy manner, whereas usually it is already HUGE at 2.45%

It is completely crazy. 


I lost my money on this platform because i reentered the market at the worst moment at the beginning of 2018, whereas I should stop everything and cash out


I did it because I was greedy and because people were euphoric at that time, and me too.

Lesson learnt


This platform, to defend itself, claims that every terms of the platform are indicated on their page. And even if it is true, nobody reads them before having been scammed. This is one of the biggest public scam and they practice very high fees, but people enter because they don't know how to do differently and because temptation of ease, like on coinbase.

Binance is much BETTER : 0.1% fees

Before Binance did not offer the possibility to buy by cash and banking card. Now, yes.


If you don't want to regret to lose your investment, please don't enter etoro. You will regret it after when you see the fees and spreads, and the questions to take lots of personal data.

Many people and youtubers misslead you with links to the virtual plateform of etoro because they earn money on it.


Use my experience.


Go on BINANCE. You can subscribe now and benefit of reductions of trade fees :

Register on BINANCE and benefit from discounts of 20 to 50% on transaction fees:


If I had known Binance before, I would have never been on etoro where I lost because of ignorance and temptation of ease, even if they give an affiliation link that could bring me money through my youtube channel and my audience. But I have values in my heart and I don't want of a money which is not honestly won, and which could be against the best interest of the people who follow and trust me.


Take care and use my experience to avoid mistakes.


ps: I remind you that if you want to use this bear market in a clever way to get more crypto, you can stack BAT Cryptocurrency when you 

download, install and use Brave Browser everyday


And there is another cryptocurrency that you can stack : this is the CRYPTO   PI of the Pi Network when you download the app on your mobile phone without  using more energy of your battery. Millions of persons are doing it :

Mining Pi on your mobile phone for free and without the Energy of your battery


Thank you for reading my passionate post.

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Digital Asset Culture - YouTube Channel - France

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