The potential offered by NFTs to Creators

I like creating things and human history tells me I am not alone in this. I am not too fussy what I use to create, build or make my marks on the world. I flit across many medium and techniques as my fancy takes me. Of late I have become interested in the the promise, concepts, ideas and place that NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) might occupy in the world of mass creation and consumption that surrounds us today.

Never before have we had so many ways to create, capture, publish and broadcast those actions that have an impact on the entities of the universe around us. I have found it interesting that in NFTs we have created a means to capture those actions into a virtual bubble.

I see NFT’s as a form of digital amber able to trap the ethereal acts and thoughts of anyone and freeze them in place on the block chain for time eternal. Or at lease that would be the dream, eternity is a very long time... 

Imagine what we might have learnt had those early humans had access to mobile video, audio, language and digital archiving to annotate the inspiration, desire, emotion and process of marking the planet on those walls in Lascaux. The effort required to achieve the simple act of leaving a mark that might never been seen offers a glimpse of a mind unfathomable today.

Is it grand to think that NFTs might offer the potential to provide a technology that could capture all this today? Maybe. These are new tools and medium I am eager to explore. Now if only the gas prices would drop so I can afford to publish…

Thank you Publish0x, take care. Share your ideas and feedback in the comments below.

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