The path of the river

The path of the river

I wait at the head of my journey
Lummoxing, lounging, slothful and slow
Drifting gently t’wards the tug of the flow
With a vroomsloosh im off
Babbling bubblishly over pebbles and crooks
The twaheeshwap of drops
And the weeewhoops of pools
Swosh swashing round bends
And click grubbing across brooks
Snatch flapping leaves, branches and stones
And feeding the roots as I go
I slow to a glipple drobble as I go through the flats
Then plunge like a hoopclinger
Yippslappering down fall onto the beach
A scitchscratering of sand on my bed
With one last schaloowooch and a fwump
Im hit by the waves

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Photo by Sindre Strøm from Pexels


Learning to feel by writing those things that cause my eyes to linger, my mind to wander, and my heart to quicken.

An Ordinary Tech Life
An Ordinary Tech Life

A semi regular commentary on living in a 'New Normal", technology dependent world that hope will be inherited by others.

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