Surfers Path

The Journey

The twist, turns, loops and bumps
A path well travelled and worn with passing
Each hill and trough
They shield, obscure, and hide the final show
Sun rising at our backs
A simple nod or lean to me
Excitement builds
Electric tension wrings us closer
And just as all seems lost
Between the double backs and switches
A great crescendo
We spiral, and rise, the journeys source
The journey brings us back
Unto the place we want to be.
Embraced and held, released with the rush,
Awash amid the heat I feel when I’m within her.


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Learning to feel by writing those things that cause my eyes to linger, my mind to wander, and my heart to quicken.

An Ordinary Tech Life
An Ordinary Tech Life

A semi regular commentary on living in a 'New Normal", technology dependent world that hope will be inherited by others.

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