Night Terror

I sit and scowl in the depth of night
The house is still and silent
I prowl the hall and slip into a room
I freeze
The peace is broken by a timid rustle
My eyes go wide to swallow light
I sense the source, and coil to pounce
My tail sways high, a dancing cobra
Muscles tense, back arched, claws drawn
A final shimmy to set my target
And then unfurled I let fly
I hit my prey and sink my teeth
I tear at flesh with pin sharp claws
A shocked, shrill scream shatters the calm
I vault to safety with a gentle chirp
I leave the room, tail high, butt out, I strut
Proudly, I have slain my humans feet

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Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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Learning to feel by writing those things that cause my eyes to linger, my mind to wander, and my heart to quicken.

An Ordinary Tech Life
An Ordinary Tech Life

A semi regular commentary on living in a 'New Normal", technology dependent world that hope will be inherited by others.

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