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How much could you earn writing content on Publish0x?

I imagine this is a question many readers have in the back of their mind as they click through the content provided by the army of writers on Publish0x. I know this was the case for me.

I had been drawn to Publish0x as I researched the BAT ecosystem, to see how it was growing and evolving. But the simple promise of earning as I read the content here has kept me engaged far beyond that initial research.

It seems only natural then that I take this next step from consumer to creator. To deepen my investigation and quell that curiosity and find out.

How much could I earn writing content on Publish0x?

As I progress in my journey I will document what I earn and also share some insight into the type of content i find most impactful to that end.

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail" - Benjamin Franklin

My first action has been to take stock of what I might post on the Publish0x platform. There are two thoughts I wrestled with in making this choice:

  • Publish material that I felt would earn the most based on what I believe the audience to be.
  • Publish material that I felt confident in writing well and hope that it earns well.

The benefits to the first approach are obvious, and a glance at the Popular Now filter on the Publish0x provides a very clear indication of what people are engaging with in terms of content. Crypto, Crypto, CRYPTO, CrYptOo BAbY!! wE aLL CryPto CrAzy HeRE!!! :D

It is really no surprise, crypto is exactly the field that lured me here. I am confident I could produce plenty of content that would provide value to that audience as well. I am an experienced technologist, I have been involved and investigated Blockchain and Crypto Currencies for work and also experimented with a number of practical applications of the underlying technologies as well.   

However, I wont be writing about crypto and blockchain. I am not saying it will never be written about, never is a very long time. It just wont be my primary focus. I will be taking the second approach. i will publish material that I felt confident in writing well and hope that it earns well.

There are a few reasons I will be taking this approach.

  • I am the type of individual to have a diverse range of interests that require knowledge, experience and skill to complete. I believe this transfers well to blog writing. In fact I have published my own blog in the past so have data that backs this belief up.
  • If I am to create content to a regular cadence I will need to remain engaged in the writing process for the long term. One subject is not going to do that for me.
  • Given the popularity of content and the number of authors already dedicated to providing information and material related to crypto I imagine my content would need to bring something very special to the subject matter to stand out for readers. At this stage, I don't believe that would be the case.
  • Finally it is my personal feeling that if a platform and community like Publish0x is going to thrive then it needs to appeal to a broad audience of readers (This is a feeling shared by at least one other). The Publish0x community needs to appeal to many niches not just the crypto crowd.

With this decision made my plan is to publish material that I am confident or interested in writing this will be related to Technology in generalArt & Design, Poetry, Fiction, Photography and Exploration and Adventure

So how much could you earn writing content on Publish0x? I don't have an answer for you yet. I am excited and eager to find out, and as time moves on and I publish more you all will be the first to know what I discover.

Thank you Publish0x. Take care and share your ideas and thoughts in the comments below.


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