Future Dreams

Future Dreams

I stand again on sun bleached shores
Amidst the roar of pristine waves
I feel pounding on my chest
A quickening of my heart
Ventured forth to face the past
I had a sense of what to do
My body tense, my mind a whirl
I feel the depth she holds
Realise how little I’ve seen or known
But I’ve shared the currents felt her warmth
Have stared upon her perfect face
A flash of fear, and wrench of wanting
No strength remains to keep from being drawn
I turn away and let her tides withdraw
The perfect face the unknown journey
A dream to hold and carry on
My perfect memories remain future dreams
Of things that might have been


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Learning to feel by writing those things that cause my eyes to linger, my mind to wander, and my heart to quicken.

An Ordinary Tech Life
An Ordinary Tech Life

A semi regular commentary on living in a 'New Normal", technology dependent world that hope will be inherited by others.

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