5 Simple Steps to Kick Start your Publish0x 'Earning Engine'

In this post I will provide some detail and actionable advice regarding the the initial steps you might take to prepare yourself for content generation here on Publish0x. It moves beyond the abstract question posed in my first post “How much could you earn writing content” and begins to unpick how we might move towards writing and publishing our work.

In truth the 5 steps I reference below are not limited to the Publish0x platform, and with the exception of the tools referenced, even writing. Rather my previous experience has taught me that these 5 simple steps greatly increase the likelihood of success that a reasonable outcome can be produced, regardless of the creative outlet involved. 

So as we explore the income we might generate from our effort here on Publish0x, I have no doubt these little actions will provide a good foundation and prepare us for the Journey ahead.

Step 1. Prepare your workspace

Before beginning any creative work a dedicated workspace to be hugely beneficial. In the case of Publish0x content we plan to focus on is likley to be digital text and images. The most important thing then is a dedicated folder on our computer to hold our work and assets.

This image provides an example of a simple workspace structure. There are some key details to discuss.

workspace folder structure

  • Separate different assets types and sources clearly in your works space. This will make it easier to locate them once you are ready to add them to your posts. 
    In the example here there are only 2 assets formats being organising currently, the drafts for posts we might produce in the future and images we might include or reference in those posts.
    Over time this structure could expand to include other assets such as videos or possibly web site locations that we find to be useful references.
  • When managing assets it will become helpful to separate our own work (Source material you have generated) from other peoples work (Stock photo and video we use).
    This structure accounts for the pexels stock imagery resource, and also the individual contributors on the site who’s work has been have downloaded, this will make it easier to properly attribute individuals work if it is used at a later date.
  • The final subtle detail shown in the screen shot is the use of a naming convention that is consistent and flexible to future use. Note that the files and folders in this structure use only lower case names, and where possibile spaces are removed in favour of either underscores or hyphens. This is a little act of forward planning. Although we are currently writing and publish on Publish0x, we may wish to move our content to another platform at a later date, or even self host on our own website. Different platforms of operating systems may treat file names in a different way to Publish0x, or indeed be case sensitive.

Along side your digital work space give over some time to your physical workspace, the environment that you will occupy is just as important to nurturing your creativity as the source material you use. Some will need a minimalist sanctuary of calm and serenity. Another individual will will hanker for a varied and richly textured workspace filled with colour and noise to spark their imagination. 

This will be a personal mater and one that I will not comment to here, only to say take a good period of time to consider what form your physical create space will take and then do everything in your power to make it real.

Step 2. Choose and get to know your tools

tool boxThe saying goes that a bad worker blames their tools, and while a good worker might be able to complete a task with any set of tools fit for a Job there is a world of difference between getting it done, and enjoying the doing. Good tools increase the chances of you finding pleasure in the creative process, which in turn increases the odds that you will stick at it long term. 

Again your operating system, budget and preferences will vary and will be personal to you, below are some personal choices I have found to improve my writing enjoyment.

  • iA Writer - This is a minimal text editor that I find helps me focus on writing. It supports Markdown for formatting and I particularly like the Nitti font that is the default font face.
  • nvALT - A simple note taking and ideas capture application, I have this open all day, every day to capture todo items, post ideas and also to store book marks and resource URLS.
  • Scrivener - Scrivener is a Swiss army knife for creative writing, it allows me to capture notes, drafts, images, links all into a single project or work space. I can move text and sections of my work easily to re flow or restructure my work. I use this for larger pieces of writing, planning stories, presentations or speeches.
  • GiT Source Control - Source control is not just for coders and programmers!! . The previous 3 tools all allow saving of content as *.txt in one form or another. Because of this you can save versions and branches and tangents and off shoots with abandonment safe in the knowledge you can always back track and return to a 'master' version at any point. Additionally using Git also offers a way to back up your work either locally or remotely so you never run the risk of losing it if your device fails.
  • DropBox - Off site backups and sync across devices. Simple
  • GIMP - Powerful, free, image editing 
  • A Paper Note Book or Sketchbook - The uses for having a notebook or sketch book to hand AT ALL TIMES can never be over looked. We never know when inspiration might strike and capturing those thoughts that might other wise be lost so we can expand and explore them later is key to unlocking our creativity.
  • A comfortable and enjoyable pen/pencil - Along with our note book having a mark making tool that we find comfortable and enjoyable to write notes, capture thoughts, make doodles and draw with at all times is essential. I whole heartedly recommend nurturing the habit os having a pen and sketch book at hand at all times.

It’s not a long list, the point is I have found these tools to be good, stable, dependable. This removes frustration which makes writing more enjoyable, for me. The trick is for you to find those tools that free you up in the same way and then become familiar and confident in using them.

Step 3. Commit your time

hour glassOne of the most immediate barriers people might raise in relation to beginning any creative endeavour is our age old enemy. TIME. "I Don't have the time...."

To progress and grow, to see results we need to commit, we need to make time. For me right now I am committing 1 hour a day to writing, which let's be clear is not a lot, but its also not insignificant to find that time in a busy life. I imagine this might result in 2, maybe 3 posts a week. Thats 8-12 posts a month, 100-150 posts a year.

Based on what I can see from my first post in terms of earnings that is not going to get me rich :D

So that commitment has to bring me value in some other way, or I have to make that 1 hour commitment generate many more posts that appeal to more people that turn in to more tips.


Step 4. Ignore your inner critic

paper plane flightThis step is a tough one to address. This is the one that I have found kills my efforts dead in their tracks, eventually. I get hung up on wether the work is good enough to publish, will people find it useful, enjoyable, valuable, will they like it.

My answer this time is to focus on the subjects I enjoy, write what I know and in a sense try separate my writing persona from my inner critic. We will see if this works in time!

I would love to hear from other writers and authors about this one, the barriers they created for themselves that blocked them and how they over come them. 

Step 5. Have fun

Maybe this should be step one, its obvious really!

Embrace your inner child, make a mess, make mistakes, observe the results imagine the improvements and move forwards.

One other little “sudo-step” to keep in mind, these steps do not all have to be completed in one day some, like finding your tools, will be an endless search for something better. That said you should set yourself deadline *to start* each of step. In this way you will increase the likely hood of getting them done, and in some sense the planning and schedule is actually putting you in the place of imagining how you will feel once they are done.

That’s it! 5 simple steps that I am taking and that in my experience will really help anyone move themselves from “I would love to try…” to instead put themselves on the path to “I am doing… and I really enjoy it!”.

Thank you Publish0x, take care. Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments below.


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