The world in the morning, sometimes wakes at 5 am!

The world in the morning, sometimes wakes at 5 am!

You always ready the entire family through their breakfast while saving yours for last.


Maybe your strength lays within the night before

when you gave the lord and lady a prayer or chant and asked them to be by your side.


This may be why you are able to introduce the children to the world

when they wake regardless of your fears. 


Giving their cherished lunch pails and $3.00 Milk Money

and the special shotgun seat to school help too!


Most everyone has some personal routine about their day, only mildly interrupted on the good days. Living inside the boxes of their daily reality; However, those kind people sometimes feel sad and alone. To those in the distant feeling the deep and dark downness ... for those individuals standing infront of me and others thinking I/we can't see you. Well ... I have a message for you: You are beautiful and sensational no matter what :) Good day to all :)

-Nathaniel Hammel

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Nathaniel Hammel
Nathaniel Hammel

I am a Traveling Publisher, Printer, Graphic Designer, Musician, and Artist!

Creativitively MomentMeants
Creativitively MomentMeants

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