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Ruff around the edges, but I will survive!


I have to apologize to the Publish0x Community for my lack of posting and being active. I am having a seriously bad and ruff go-around. I No longer have a place to live and no job with stable income coming in. The Outback Steakhouse where I worked hard and had many hours had closed its doors during this COVID Crap!

I was working full time alongside my own Startup Business AnyThing4uStudios, and then now no hours at the job, and when they partially reopened they laid me off due to a lack of work duties needed (only the carryout and take out section are open right now.

With that issue, a couple of months went by and My landlord (roommate) said I had to go to lack of being able to pay my rent.

All of this is affecting my business, and I have been running around trying to find a new place to live. Living on the streets at this time is hard. I hope I won't have to do so for much longer.

Anyway ... Thank you for listening to my issue. I know I am not the only one to be dealing with these kinds of issues. I am back online again thanks to VCU in Virginia allowing anyone to be here during the day. So I will do my best to stay active here, and other sites I work with.

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Nathaniel Hammel
Nathaniel Hammel

I am a Traveling Publisher, Printer, Graphic Designer, Musician, and Artist! http://nathanielhammel.xyz

Creativitively MomentMeants
Creativitively MomentMeants

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