October Writing Prompt: Ghost and Spirit Story! Part 1 - Your Story
Picture Credits: Pixabay

October Writing Prompt: Ghost and Spirit Story! Part 1 - Your Story

Have you ever been haunted? Have you ever witnessed the supernatural side of the life we live? Have you ever encountered a happy soul that has protected you from the beyond? Do you see things every day in that world? Are you connected to these haunting both good and bad?

Share with us your Ghastly tale. Make sure that this story is absolutely true and one that you have experienced only (Not a story about your friend, family member, or loved one's experience, just yours) :) Readead belllooow for Rules!

Picture Credit: Pixabay


1) Create & Publish your own Original Publish0x Post

2) Must be your own experience

3) Take your time & be very descriptive, and make you Story long

4) Place the link to your post along with your comment here on this post

5) Must be in 1st Person Point-of-View

6) Have Fun!


I will also tell my story too to share with you!

If you are interested as a writer and love to take part in Writing Competitions, then lookout for an upcoming post coming today about The Writer's Desk's contest called: Readeaded HallowStory - Hosted by me & powered by my Social Network Association: UnitetheArts Social!

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