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Not all demons are bad...

Imagine walking through a dense woody area, thick full of trees. Imagine that you barely can see anything around you because the leaves are flush with flowers, and the grass is tall between huge bushes. You're a lonely hiker on a camping trip and you chose this day to go exploring.

It is a lovely day for it. The sky is clear because up is all you can clearly see. You are just walking downhill ... You are full of happiness.

Through the thick forest, you go in deep Maine USA, somewhere near Bangor, where giant cliffs are known to dwell. Unfortunately for you and your happiness is only moments from dying a tragic fall beyond the tree 3 feet in front of you. You cannot see this cliff due to the harsh dense surroundings.

Scenario 1: A beautiful light appears to you in the form of an amazing, mesmerizing, and gorgeous lady angel. She says no no no don't go this way, but you are to comfort and in the bliss of her beauty that you blindly don't listen. Thus you fall to your measly death.

Scenario 2: A horrific beast with horns and slobbery foam dripping from the mouth enters the scene in front of you and screams bloody gory at you with fiery eyes, and bent fingers pointed at you like it is beckoning you to move forward more, but because the creature is too frightening, you turn and run back to your car safe and sound vehicle that brings you home to your loving family.

What do you think? Did the Angel save you, or did the So-Called Evil Spirit save you?

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Nathaniel Hammel

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