Search Lotto - Earn National Lottery Tickets

By Amir King | AmirKing | 28 Jan 2020

On Search Lotto, you can earn free National Lottery or EuroMillions Tickets by searching on their browser. Each weekday you can search 20 times and for each 25 searches you earn a ticket, so you can earn 4 tickets each week. I haven't won yet but haven't used it much either. It's free and funded by advertising. It's a good idea and I really like it. I did win a free ticket once for having 2 numbers. I'm always up for free gambling!

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Amir King
Amir King

I like puzzles and games


Hello everyone on Publish0x!! My name is Amir, and I have just been approved to be an author. Ill tell you a bit about myself. I live on the south coast of the UK, and I love puzzles and games!! I have studied architectural Technology and have a BA in it. I have worked for various shops and a care home. I love music and like it when i find bands I've never heard of from the 80's. For example, I like Level 42. Unusual puzzles I like include hitori, slitherlink, masyu, nurikabe and skyscrapers.

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