Exclusive 15,000,000 DV airdrop for all RFND community

Exclusive 15,000,000 DV airdrop for all RFND community

Tomorrow on July 20th, there will be an exclusive airdrop of Divvy tokens for our Refudian community.


15,000,000 DV tokens will be shared as a dividend among  more than 350 SLP addresses which hold RFND.


DV token is a SLP token that you can buy on the platform memo.cash.  The same day when I created Refund token, I collected the first investment of 0.0018 BCH, which I used for my first investment. Profits made on DV token the same day I started with RFND was something that inspired me to continue across all this journey full of great profitability and great freebies across our and our friends' communities such as DV and Renewable Cash.


You can purchase them here: https://memo.cash/token/5e2faeef8475abcf844b46d7b36ef19d1bcd8143ea6f0e041ec5f53de4a68fdd?for-sale 


The price of token is in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) satoshi. Remember 1 BCH = 100,000,000 satoshi, for example 0.01 BCH (2.3 USD)= 1,000,000 satoshi.


So now 1 million DV startss from 0.0029 BCH = 0.66 USD.


 When you purchase certain amount of any tokens (Spice, Honk or other SLP tokens), Spice Trader often deposits to your account their DV tokens if you purchase certain specific amount.


But the most important part of this token is that it gave me the best dividends of my life. I received around 0.06 BCH in dividends in less than 5 months. So DV team paid me around 50% of accumulated dividends on my total investment from February. In my case I obtained this percentage because I obtained some DV tokens at very convenient price.


Who pays you this amount of interest rate in our fiat world in form of passive income?


I am still trying to discover them, but besides DV and RFND I don't know other blockchain projects.


 The math is pretty simple, I increased my holdings with this token by almost 200% in less than 3 months. That’s the magic of Divvy’s generous dividends.


Probably DV token isn’t the most famous SLP token but it’s one of the most profitable SLP token in terms of passive income.


Who is behind DV token?


Spice Trader and his team. Spice Trader is one of the most active traders in this beautiful SLP crypto sector. Personally RFND Investment and Divvy, both teams have done a lot of convenient transactions which save us time, money and generate us more profits for both of our communities.


The official price set up by DV team will be around 1 satoshi, however since DV quotes on Memo.cash – its price is subject to supply and demand of this platform. Currently the lowest sales bids go from 0.29 sat to 1 sat.


I would like to publicly acknowledge that DV token was the first SLP token which sponsored our faucet, where all our community was able to claim over 10 million DV tokens; thanks to their cashbacks with DV, we use them also as tips in our RFND Telegram Group. And tomorrow our RFND community will be able to receive this great SLP freebie - which is a product of strong strategic partnership among both of our communities.


On Friday, July 24th, RFND Investment will airdrop 15 million RFND among DV community holders. 


So get ready, because one or both tokens may appear in your SLP wallet. There are no any amount conditions to receive DV or RFND, you only need to hold one of these SLP cryptos in your SLP wallet. For major security we strongly recommend you to hold them in Electron Cash wallet or Badger Wallet. RFND can be also stored as a verified token in Zapit wallet which has a very friendly end user interface.


So I strongly recommend you to invest in this token because its value is increasing on the long run, and they are paying very good dividends on current basis. 


The best way to test if something works or not is to test it with some amount, what I can tell is that I received already 5 dividends and I am looking forward for new BCH and DV tokens in our wallets.






https://search.creativecommons.org/photos/fc522e11-4b58-4fd0-b151-d0bd371b4cca by Mikecohen1872






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