Basic Attention Token rises 33% in the last 24 hours.

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Basic Attention Token (BAT) is my favorite crypto of 2019. Imagine: If you invested 1,000 dollars on February 12th, your balance would be today 3,000 dollars.

BAT represents Brave project, an alternative search engine where you can tip the youtube channels, websites or earn profits from advertising (available only in few countries). Brave is much faster than Google Chrome and saves you time and money for data used by your mobile.

Today 1 BAT = 0.36 dollars. From its lows in February (USD 0.11)  BAT increased over 200% during this year.

Today 1 BAT = 0.36 dollars. It's maximum value was 0.46 dollars on April 21st, it dropped to 0.28 dollars yesterday. Today there has been huge recovery in its price, 8 cents = 33%.

If you share this affiliate link:, after 1 month you get paid 5 USD in BAT; the advantage is that in fact you are earning more because BAT is on a strong bull run. BAT was 0.35 XRP at the beginning of the year, today 1 BAT = 1.2 XRP. You can suscribe your youtube channel or website in the Brave Rewards program and generate passive income. For that you need to have Uphold account, where your BAT wallet is located. I will be covering the Uphold topic in the next articles. Brave helped me to generate around 90 BAT. I love this project and this cryptocurrency, personally I recommend it to everybody.

The BAT value is forecasted to reach 1 U$ dollar during the second part of the year. So now you know the investment tip, it's time to buy this crypto.






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Amazing world of cryptos
Amazing world of cryptos

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