Story 6. The life saving vaccine…

Story 6. The life saving vaccine…

By Alvin Brian Vlogs | Cypherpunk | 31 May 2020


Do you remember Pashka, the Creator of the white plane?
He tried very hard to make people free ….
give people independent network and coin,
in which the Nakamoto weapon is used.
But the red cat did not sleep in the land of stars
Learned his servants, that will give the plane white people independence…
The red cat was afraid
Ordered his servants to quickly print new laws and ban the white plane!
threatened with prison and death, then calmed down
began to think further that we need to start chipping people!
And contacted a red cat with Gates that Windows came up with
Gates said that we will create a vaccine, thanks to which we will install a chip in each person and control it!

And if you don’t, we’ll put you in jail!
Everything was invented, except the vaccine!
But our brave war did not give up,
there are many more thoughts in the plane and many clever ideas


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