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Bowser apps make surfing the internet possible,easier and fun.Considering it doesn't use to be so in times past before I knew girls were not just playground companions..

Remember when this icon 351665157-5d9bf7bc91089fdd88e91735593530db630b7228a417515567fb5580e5cae33b.jpegwas your only window to the internet? Well, welcome back from  dinosaur age things changed rapidly while you were away..

Reliving the experiences I had using the prementioned browser was something I forgot until I was to write this article.

Today we have numerous browsing apps to choose from depending on your choice.


Choosing a browser should be something of choice as mentioned earlier  since there are lots of them out there. We know that so what should guide our choice?

1.Device compatibility: Is the browser compatible with most mobile devices? if yes its an advantage for you to make use of while at home(on pc) and on the go on mobile devices.This is because you can easily sync your data within all devices and it just feels thesame when you are using any of them

2.SIZE of the browser app:if the browser doesn't eatup most of your device memory its an advantage.

3.Selling point:Yes! you read correctly selling point! what makes people talk about this browser I am about to download or make use of ? What features makes it unique from other browsers out there? If you are able to answer this questions and it meets the #speed #privacy #economical criteria then just do it!

BRAVE BROWSER:Introducing you to not just the right browser for you but the best also,yes best browser so far.BRAVE BROWSER you can click here to download .

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BRAVE BROWSER is the only browser I have used that have been able to satisfy my need for #device compability #Browser size#selling point#speed #privacy  and #economic criteria for a good browser app.

BRAVE BROWSER has these and moreI got to find out it has been blocking popups and ads saving me data and protecting my privacy in doing this it has made me become grateful to the creators of the brave app.Brave browser meets all the criteria mentioned earlier.Well I know I have my criteria and it met with it but another thing it does which I didn't mention is that "you get paid for using the browser",now that surpassed my criteria for a good browser.

It has proven to me of recent while I visited 2 of the sites ranked by zankrank as the 8 most annoying sites with popups that the adblockers and privacy settings are really working,here is an image of when I visited with brave and when I visited with chrome


....WITH CHROME351665157-b81a8456e8f96884c1b7a4c29d676ac66cf4ba07bff097c8c920490095cd4039.jpeg





WITH BRAVE:351665157-a77837ba825346913c7a9fbc72c25b0537e1f17d3eac1eb5a5e0a4eb94e751e1.png351665157-d8bbea0ef2b322d709b45ec0d432a7c21f13fef886a20112e23ba9619414a030.png

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