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Ethereum Exploding past $280 Dreaded Resistance. Whats Next?

By Alpha Profits | Alpha Profits | 27 Jul 2020

In my personal Investment Portfolio, I have Ethereum as my #1 pick in terms of how much % of my portfolio I have allocated into it. ETH has just broke out of its dreaded $280 resistance and it is headed for far more in my opinion.

As most of you know, Ethereum is a decentralized computer platform that focuses on smart contracts. Ethereum's infrastructure has more than 181,000 ERC-20 tokens that use the ETH network. Ethereum is #2 token in terms of market cap in the Digital Asset Class, which in other words means Ethereum is BIG.

The whole "DEFI Expansion" has given Ethereum Explosive growth, it has now been able to brake its resistance & it has gotten ETH to levels not been reached since July of 2019!

I just want to be clear from here on.... I DO NOT want to spread neither FUD or FOMO to you guys. I also don't want to go too much into a rabbit hole explaining what are the reasons giving me concerns for further upwards push of ETH but I do have to talk about it. Nonetheless, I'm still very bullish for ETH & it is my #1 horse at the moment.

My first concern for ETH is, ironically its next upgrade ETH 2.0 Why? Well, simply put it all depends if the team hits the road-map & its planned out schedule accurately or if they just sleep at the wheel. Both could have either positive or negative impacts on ETH. In the case of having a positive impact next stop on the price push would be around a healthy $784~ approximately. In the case of a negative impact would most probably generate a pull back on all of this bullish action we have been seeing lately.

Lastly the biggest concern I have in terms of evolution of Ethereum & its growth is creating a Cap on its Max Supply of tokens in the network since up until now ETH's supply is Infinite. Giving ETH a fixed supply would give it also a Deflationary Property that you would want to have in almost any of the Digital Assets in my honest opinion. Vitalik Buterin Ethereum co-founder & creator twitted April 2018:


In my honest opinion, it is now Ethereum's & its team time to shine. It is all dependent on how they deal with these 2 major concerns I have, & of timely fulfilling their scheduled roadmap. Also, the biggest concern is giving a Fixed Supply to the max amount of token supply.

ETH is undervalued as it is. Not financial advice, just stating facts. The tokens under its network have surpassed Ethereum in market cap which also shows us how undervalued ETH is at the moment. I see on the long haul a $5k ETH easily!

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Alpha Profits
Alpha Profits

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