Wondering if coronavirus fears are reasonable?

Wondering if coronavirus fears are reasonable?

By Jesusisamazing | All for His glory | 14 Mar 2020

150,000 people die on an average day worldwide! 3,700 die on an average day in car wrecks! I've been questioning the reactions to coronavirus and after looking up those numbers today, I'm convinced most of it is downright silly for something that has taken 5,800 lives worldwide in around 3 months.

Given the first two stats I'm wondering if we shouldn't be using more of these resources to make driving safer and helping people better maintain their health. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting no reaction but I read an insightful post last night from someone with experience in public health who would recommend normalcy for healthy people and programs to help older or more susceptible people with resources that would help them quarantine themselves effectively with people who are taking much precaution delivering and providing the services and goods they need. 

My 6 recommendations to combat coronavirus:

1. Wash your hands often for 20 seconds or more.  

2. Fist bump. Don't shake hands. 

3. Totally avoid those who look sick or have a cough. 

4. Be much more hesitant to kiss, eat after or do anything to share germs with the people around you. 

5. Come up with a plan with the people around you to help protect elderly and susceptible people close to you.

6. Invest your wealth into toilet paper. After gold loses $50 in a day, it's proving to be the only profitable asset left on the earth. 

7. Take vitamins,  feed your body well, get plenty of sleep and practice any other good habits you feel strengthens your immune system. 

I say to do anything that gives you more confidence in your immune system because the Bible says as a person believes in their hearts so are they.  So I believe sickness can touch you, but you have to accept that you're sick before it can get ahold of you. I've fully believed for nearly 5 years that Jesus carried all sickness, pain, disease and anything else from hell and I've done my best to think like it and I don't go to any doctor of any kind or take any medicine and the only time I've been sick since are 2 times when I knew Holy Spirit was saying don't go to work today. Rest or you will get sick. And, not listening I didn't having much faith in the healing power of God after being disobedient and sickness took me. But, when I listen and start to feel sickness coming for me I say thank you Jesus for loving me so much you died for me and I'm thankful that your blood and presence with me crushes all sickness that hell could bring against me. Then I go from there thinking like I have victory. May you know He loves you and go on in His life and victory through His death and resurrection. 


I love Jesus and have been absolutely enthralled with crypto currencies since I was introduced to bitcoin about 2 years ago when I began investing and studying blockchain technology and investing.

All for His glory
All for His glory

I want to provide unique insights and use cases, much of which I feel the Lord has given me to help equip the crypto community to easily and clearly share something that we're all passionate about with the people around us, that we might be effective crypto evangelists and draw average people into this market before wall street money pours in and we see an explosion that will exceed our expectations and lead to a great wealth shift.

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