Is halving effect kicking in or crypto simply proving it may actually be a hedge?

By Jesusisamazing | All for His glory | 19 Mar 2020

As bitcoin gains nearly 20 percent and every coin on the market is up nearly 10 percent and some much more we have to wonder if the halving effect is kicking in. In the same breath though, is crypto showing it at least has the potential to be a better hedge than stocks, which seem to have no bottom right now other than slight relief from a large stimulus package.  I'd been questioning weather crypto was truly not a good hedge in times of crisis or had whales simply crashed prices by dumping huge amounts of certain coins on the market, leading to those with whale alerts following their lead to cut losses, then the masses dumping for fear of the coronavirus creating a drop with no bottom. Then Monday the crypto market seemed to plummet again, with more whale movement starting the dip but ended up with minimal losses by the end of the day. Tuesday and Wednesday we traded sideways with some small gains that turned to some nice larger gains later on Wednesday while the stock market was absolutely decimated the first half of the week. Then today, we're seeing great gains while the stock market overall is seeing very minimal gains as a result of the stimulus. This leads me to believe that crypto will and would've been a good hedge if whales had not dumped to lower prices so they could load up before the halving. I also believe the halving effect must be kicking because the gains are so universal. Literally, every coin on binance other than stable coins and bear coins were up right around 10 percent or more which shows me the over all sentiment of people around crypto is very positive and they're loading up, which to me points to the halving. 

So in conclusion, I believe that ultimately crypto will prove to be a good hedge, but I think the gains we're seeing now are people trying to get a jump loading up on crypto early in this great bull run coming as a result of the coming halving that I don't believe coronavirus will thwart. Im personally taking this opportunity to load up on tezos, chainlink, algorland, bat, xlm, vechain and a few others I believe will yield a much higher percent return than bitcoin and other very high cap coins. What do you guys think? Am I just optimistic? Or is most of the down slide we've seen a product of whale movement?

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I love Jesus and have been absolutely enthralled with crypto currencies since I was introduced to bitcoin over 3 years ago when I began studying blockchain technology and investing.

All for His glory
All for His glory

I want to provide unique insights and use cases, much of which I feel the Lord has given me to help equip the crypto community to easily and clearly share something that we're all passionate about with the people around us, that we might be effective crypto evangelists and draw average people into this market before wall street money pours in and we see an explosion that will exceed our expectations and lead to a great wealth shift.

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