Anyone else get shorted on Tezos staking on Binance this month?

By Jesusisamazing | All for His glory | 21 Mar 2020

I switched my Tezos over to Binance from Coinbase to stake because I didn't like the way Coinbase stakes Tezos and Binance claims a higher staking reward, but Binance claimed to pay out 6.5% this month, but the math didn't add up for me.

13,899.49425224 XTZ 30-Day Cumulative Holdings / 30 = 463.317 x .065 = 30.11 XTZ annual interest / 12 = 2.51 XTZ per month   2020-03-20 05:43:56 Distribution XTZ 0.85189455 XTZ 分发

.852 / 30.11 = .028 

So Binance claimed to pay out 6.5% but my math is showing they paid me 2.8%. Anyone else have the same problem?

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I love Jesus and have been absolutely enthralled with crypto currencies since I was introduced to bitcoin over 3 years ago when I began studying blockchain technology and investing.

All for His glory
All for His glory

I want to provide unique insights and use cases, much of which I feel the Lord has given me to help equip the crypto community to easily and clearly share something that we're all passionate about with the people around us, that we might be effective crypto evangelists and draw average people into this market before wall street money pours in and we see an explosion that will exceed our expectations and lead to a great wealth shift.

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