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By WilsonYanez27 | All about technology | 13 May 2022

3D printing is a process that is generated when a model is developed through the addition of layers that correspond to successive cross sections. In this sense, materials such as concrete, plastics, metal alloys and even living tissue are used.

The concept of being able to create what we imagine is very interesting and despite its limitations, its application in the domestic sphere has meant a revolution. There have been many companies that have integrated 3D printing into their functions, because the solutions and benefits that it presents allow them to increase their productivity. Welcome to the era of the industrial 3D printing machine revolution!


Uses of 3D printers

It has the ability to generate original geometric models that are possible thanks to this technology. Even so, it places special emphasis on the following aspects:

- Personalized medical implants

- Patterns for metal casting

- Products with enhanced functionality

- Light parts.


Benefits of 3D printing

- Cleaner and more editable designs: Using traditional manufacturing methods, correcting errors takes a long time, but with 3D printing the algorithm will take care of presenting different versions of the design, as a result, we will obtain more polished pieces without wasting time.

- Cost reduction: By not requiring additional tools and avoiding working the piece from scratch, there is less waste and cost reduction in production.

- Real products: There is a wide variety of elements with which 3D printing can be done, these range from wood to plastics, which represents a great advantage.


What things can we do with a 3D printer

The possibility of printing in 3D makes us imagine that there are no limits, but this thought is far from reality, if the possibilities are immense, but it is not designed for mass production, since it is very slow, it is ideal for the development of a initial prototype. It allows you to easily generate almost anything, there is free software that allows you to form basic 3D designs ready to print. Many of the limitations to printing will be part of the user, who should start printing on simple materials to master the technique at first.


Materials with which the pieces are made

3D printing works with different real materials. There is a wide variety of materials with which these prints can be made, these range from PLA, PETG, ASA, polyamide, to ceramic materials with wood particles. They are used to generate a variety of designs, useful in various industries. The technology of 3D printing is very interesting, but while we wait for the moment to make use of these tools.

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