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Self-Taxing Myself For Every Paycheck | CashApp & Tezos

By alexsungnyc | alexsungnyc | 9 Sep 2020

Every paycheck that I receive, which is bi-weekly, I put 10% of my income into CashApp and eventually swap it for Tezos. It's something I've been doing since the end of the first quarter and so far my bag has been rising. CashApp is an extremely easy to use app that provides consumers with buying fractional shares or Bitcoin and also with sending cash to and fro users. Everytime I get a paycheck, I enjoy paying myself first as Robert Kiyosaki always says, and that includes taxing myself 10% of every income I receive into income producing assets through all of my portfolios including Webull, M1Finance, Worthy Bonds, CashApp, SoFi, Publish0x, Tezos and more.

The reason I love Tezos is because of the dividends. As my portfolio grows, the more my staking grows. Regardless of the price, my strategy for Tezos is to eventually get to where the income that I receive monthly from Tezos provides a way for me to start trading Crypto with the house. That is a term in poker meaning that I use the house's money instead of my own: OPM, or Other People's Money, as Robert would call it. This means I would need to grow my portfolio from where it is to at least a stack of between 10,000 to 35,000 Tezos. 

It seems like we're currently phasing into a down market in Crypto, but as a veteran of the game, I know that it is oftentimes unpredictable and hard to decipher. As a veteran of the game, I just love buying when others are selling and hodling for the longterm until it hits my price targets. Just like in Real Estate or in securities, buy when others are selling and sell when others are buying. That's the general rule for the contrarian investor, but in practice, harder to do. Talk to you soon! It's your digital Realtor signing off! 

Currently hodling:
229 Tezos (XTZ)


Best wishes,


Alexander Sung
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Real Broker NY LLC
Call: (646) 435-1975 
Text: (262) 888-7258

Disclaimer: Not financial advice by the way. 

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