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How Working From Home Is Changing The Industry As We Know It!

By alexsungnyc | alexsungnyc | 13 Aug 2020

To be completely optimistic, life has changed as we know it. Through fire and ash comes rebirth, and I believe that this current covid madness has positively impacted infrastructure moving forward. In some way, this will help commerce and the way we do business moving forward. In my opinion, cryptocurrency and blockchain will be a big piece of the puzzle in the way we transact our daily lives; especially in real estate. While working from home and brainstorming how to make it in this industry, I decided that I wanted to focus on what my passions were. One of my deepest passions in life is the ability to work from home, have technology improve the lives of everyone, and have the ability to become a free agent: one who is able to spend time with family or friends while also building a market-resistant business. 

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While this covid-19 situation certainly has brought on its challenges and calamities, it has also lifted the veils on peoples eyes. Work as we know it will be different now. We will be more in tune with our bodies and health with more governmental scrutiny on public health. Additionally, tech-based work will be more in demand out of necessity. Although most of it will certainly incorporate some level of manual labor, such as gig work, the overarching backbone of that business will continue to be reliant on tech framework. For example, Instacart is a simple app with a complex business framework and a lot of app development. Instacart along with Amazon Fresh and Shipt have been generating a lot of business as a result of consumers being afraid of contracting airborne diseases that can affect they and their families lives. People who have been forced to shut down, such as restaurant businesses have had to reframe their businesses to focus heavily on delivery and less so on dine-ins. Although it has not been without fire and ash, with a ton of people such as restaurant workers who live on tips, it has provided the change that we drastically needed. Not to sound like a sociopathic person, but in my eyes, this has been a bittersweet event that can most certainly improve the lives of our families moving forward; and as we continue to take on this pandemic. 

Cryptocurrency and blockchain will be the future of Real Estate. It will not only help with the contractual aspects of Real Estate, but also the idea of escrow, immediate title recording, appraisals and the insurance aspects of it as well. As someone who likes to learn more about technology, and self-professed laymen in the field, I want to be on the forefront of this movement before it begins to catch buzz. Real Estate still maintains an older demographic of workers as well as its business formats, but moving forward I do see a change. I see a lot more younger people coming into the field, and alongside this pandemic, and with the growing necessity to change to a work-from-home format; I see positive changes amongst the abrupt sadness.

Come along my journey to become the foremost expert of technology in Real Estate. I would be glad to not only help you with your Real Estate selling needs, as a tech-based listing agent, but also help promote technology in this old-world industry that is real estate. 

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