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By Alkimista21 | Alchemy21 | 31 Dec 2020

Having not much money to invest in cryptos or mining hardware.

It was not an easy start. I found many fake and scam websites. Full of misleading adverts and huge profit promises. Lucky for me I had no cash to invest back in 2014, so I have not fallen for any of those sites, that are promising you huge returns with very little investment. Do you research guys!

I first tried out some free site Where you can claim small amounts of crypto with no investment at all. I have carefully researched them and I know they are 100% real.

Will not give you much crypto, but It is a very good start.

  1. Freebitcoin register verify email and you are good to go. GET UP TO 200 DOLLARS WORTH OF BTC

  2. register verify email. easy to use just play games watch ads and earn crypto.

  3. Just sign up for a CoinPot account claim free crypto every 5 minutes from these 7 websites totally free

  4. Claim BTC

  5. Claim BTC

  6. Claim BTC

  7. Claim DOGECOIN

  8. Claim DASH

  9. Claim LITECOIN

  10. Claim BCH


These were the websites I was using to get started.

Next time I will tell you more about my journey as I was getting more into crypto.

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