A couple who mistakenly received $10 million from a digital currency trade is under investigation

By Alan Coelho | News and Crypto | 12 Oct 2022

An Australian couple was sued in court on Tuesday (11) for spending the entire amount of money they believed they had won in a sweepstakes after they unintentionally won $10 million in cryptocurrency through the exchange.

According to the local jornal InDaily, a Melbourne court heard the duo's excuses by videoconference directly from the prison.


Thevamanogari Manivel and Jatinder Singh, both from Australia, are being sued for theft by the exchange.


The case in point was that the brokerage sent US$ 10 million due to a typo instead of refunding US$ 100. The case occurred in May, however it was only noticed in December during an internal audit, but it was already a little afternoon.


The couple did not inform the broker of the error and instead began to spend the money they had received. According to information, they bought houses, cars and even transferred US$ 4 million to Malaysia.


This year Manivel was arrested while trying to board a flight to Malaysia.

According to the couple's defense, both claim to have won the money in a competition worth US$ million, information that the exchange demonstrates to be completely false.



The Prosecutor's Office rejected Manivel's request for bail, arguing that she should remain behind bars until the conclusion of the case's trial and citing the dangers of her escaping if she were to be freed as well as the need to recover the money that must be returned to—which the exchange has already  recover the majority of the damage, but it is still looking for roughly $3 million.

However, Judge Peter Reardon granted Manivel bail this week under strict conditions, including that she surrendered her passport to authorities and does not frequent border areas.


The next hearing should be on November 8th, and it may even be extended until the case is concluded.


source: Melbourne couple on trial for spending mistake $10m payment (

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