Wasted Time, Loss of Production

By BigPicture | Al Pal | 23 Apr 2021

Chest constricted
BP high
Another Burger

I regret these moments

Not me, not me
Work to do
What to do
What comes first?

4:00 AM
Muscles tight
Choose something
Nothing's right

The night has come
To an end
The the light has dawned
Play a song
Zone out
For many 'whiles'
Produces ineffeceincy

While I worry
I kill my time
Production halted
Fullfiling the opposite

Of my wishes

I don't enjoy,
A thing but I
Sometimes feel
A passing rhyme
That gets me up
I stand to fight
When nothing in me
Has strength to move
An inspiration
Drives me through

But darker are times
When nothing moves
I lay in darkness
with Hope to renew


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Just figuring out this crypto stuff

Al Pal
Al Pal

Hey just joining in on the crypto community. Excited to be here, and I hope this creates jobs that dispersed through decentralized markets.

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