Humbled and Ashamed, Learning to Be Teachable The Hard Way

By BigPicture | Al Pal | 27 Apr 2021

My deficits perceived

By my fallible mind

My own standards

I create and apply


Reproach I despised

It let to demise

Because according to me

I'm doing just fine


Slowly I encounter

Challenges rise

My behaviors fail me

It led to demise


I lose all my assets

I lose my career

When the stakes were high

No one accommodated, my ridiculous mien


When your desperate

An on the brim of homelessness

You learn to disarm

Your prideful ways


I believed I was right

I ignored teaching

My sight became blind

As I entered the market

Where the stakes, affect lives


I am humbled

I am ashamed

I am glad I was called out

This prevented more shame

That was to come, at this trajectory


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Just figuring out this crypto stuff

Al Pal
Al Pal

Hey just joining in on the crypto community. Excited to be here, and I hope this creates jobs that dispersed through decentralized markets.

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