No Offense

By AishaShah | Aishashah | 5 Feb 2021

Every painful moment is temporary. But the hardest thing is to survive in a painful moment. Not everyone endures these moments till the victory. Fortunately, anyone who goes through these situations, he/she will not be the same person as they used to be. They will be filed be much endurance, they will become more courageous and they will appear stronger than before. This phase teaches them those lessons of life which are not possible for anyone to experience them in normal conditions. Let the temporary pain to be your tremendous cure.


This how I pen down my thoughts into words.


No offence.


Everything we are going through is part of learning. Good or bad whatever is happening with us or around us is providing our experiences and these experiences will modifying or personality visibly or invisibly.


We can't remain the same, whether we will grow with each passing day or will go in reverse gear but we can't remain at that point where we used to be at yesterday.

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