Give Your Time

Give Your Time

By AishaShah | Aishashah | 6 Feb 2021

When you wake up in the morning. It depends on your mood how you'll spend your day. If you spend it in a bad way your whole life will be dull, boring, drab, colourless and wearisome. If you want to start your day with a happy mood it means you are going to change your whole life. You will find many pleasurable, delightful and fantastic moments. Your one good day can change your whole life. Provided you should get up with a good mood & spend the day with a happy mood and sleep with a good feeling. If you maintain this feeling You will see much freedom in your life. 


Live your life for today so many people don't live for today they consumed for the future and make their life boring and they have been living a stressful life. Many people have been living a good life because they positively use their brain. Blame, criticism, finding fault all these things bring a lot of negativity, despair and bad things in your life. That kind of words makes you unhappy all the time. 


Sometimes we feel that many people have been living in the world they look so fantastic and happy always you know why because they always use amazing words in their life. They always appreciate everything they never criticise, blame, insult or abuse any small thing or person in their life. But we always criticise even a small thing in our life like we criticise why the government don't change their that policy? Why the government don't build a dam or road? Why my brother or sister don't study well? Why my grade is less? Why I'm not looking handsome and attractive like other guys? Why he is well educated than I? Why he is bright than I? All these things bring lots of negativity & strife in your precious life if you want to get something from the world think that You got that thing in your life and imagine it that this thing is near with you.Because the law of attraction will give you everything that you want from the world.



Imagine It

Love It

And Then

Receive It


This is a beautiful process in our life and most of us are don't know about it. We think that everything has been happening because those things are written in our fate but we are wrong and we have been misleading ourselves. 


Throw out some vocabulary words from your invaluable life Like horrible, terrible, fear, discussing, envy, and awful. These words bring strife in your life. Change these words into beautiful, amazing, fantastic, adorable, pretty, happy, and grateful. Your life depends on your mind but you always blame your faith you frequently say that I m not a lucky one. 


Every day brings lots of opportunities in your life but you don't take anyone advantage. You know why because You have been living in your past & future. You are not ready to change your today for the past & future. First, live for today your whole life will become so fantastic and amazing because You are meant to live an amazing life.


Everybody wants to change their life but some people use it wisely and make their life gorgeous and beautiful and Many people use it unwisely and make it so boring and colourless. Now it depends on your mood. It depends on your mind. It depends on you how you handle every kind of situation that comes in your valuable life.


I want to tell you something Science has brought a lot of changes in our life but Science can't save your life. It just helps you sometimes when you are ill. But It can't save you forever. So we don't know how many minutes, how many hours, how many days we will stay in the beautiful Planet. 


Try to be happy always and give your precious time to those people who need your time. 

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