Join Bitlorrent Airdrop and Get 20 BLT Token as Reward

By airdropsims | Airdropsims | 9 May 2021


          Bitlorrent (BLT) Token

     Bitlorrent (BLT) is a native crypto-currency of Bitlorrent Inc. It will be based on BEP20 standards. The main future of Bitlorrent token is payment solution of various giants e-commerce institutions.  

     Bitlorrent Inc. Is a company which provide payment sollution services. It’s mainly based on Cryptocurrency payment sollution, usually used in the E-commerce marketplace like Amazon, Alibaba, Flipcart, shopify and other competitive online giant platform to fulfill their payment procedure without any obstruggle. Its usually focus on wallet to wallet transaction and peer to peer p2p using multiple wallet plugin and wallet facilities using API.

Step by step:

     Please do the required tasks for to be eligible to get airdrop tokens. 

     You can join airdrop by using this bot.

  • Join on Telegram group and channel.
  • Follow Twitter and Retweet the post.
  • Submit your BEP-20 walllet address.
  • Get 5 BLT tokens for each referral.

Note: This airdrop token will be distributed to your wallet address on June 30th 2021. Reward is 20 BLT (20$).




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