Backup Finance Airdrop - Get 233 BackUp Tokens = $7

By airdropsims | Airdropsims | 3 May 2021


What is BackUp?

     Backup (a Japanese word for Bakkuappu) is an automated interest rate base protocol built for Binance Smart Chain Massive Users, providing programmable liquidity to the platform. Backup Finance is a protocol that can unlock the open universe of Finance apps, in short, it's a protocol of lending and borrowing, betting, farming, and swaps to reward participants. widely available for their operations in an algorithmic autonomous ecosystem that does not require KYC provision.

     It all started by a single developer and as of now the project is handed to the community to grow forwards.

     It is a new form of governance system. A think-tank. A place where innovation, entrepreneurship, and technological advancements are the priority, creating a much needed utility focus to the blockchain space. The value of Backup is determined by the contribution and innovation of the community as a whole.

     Owning $Backup enables your voice to be heard regarding the future of the project by enabling you to vote on and initiate proposals for the protocol.

     Owning Backup provides you with unique bonuses on our DeFi-platform by giving your deposited assets a yield bonus according to the amount of Backup you are holding. So you are gaining the upper hand.

Step by step:

     Join our airdrop bot here:

  • Join on Telegram group and channel
  • Follow Twitter and Retweet the post.
  • Submit your BEP-20 walllet address
  • And Get 33 Backup for each referral

      This airdrop token will be distributed to your wallet address on June 10th.



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