Airdrop Yamswap Finance - Get Reward 1 YSF (~$15)

By airdropsims | Airdropsims | 12 May 2021


     YamSwap Finance is decentralized finance that is much more than a simple farming project, the YSF Team is developing a new era of the highest yield farming on Binance Smart Chain. YamSwap have set a goal to solve these problems that we all encountered by creating a modern model of swapping, yield farming.

     Participate in this Airdrop and earn upto 1 YSF (~$15) tokens for doing tasks and 0.05 YSF tokens per each referral. The Airdrop ends May 31, 2021.

Please complete this tasks:

Step by step:

     Join this airdrop link here: airdrop page

  • Join on Telegram group and channel.
  • Follow Twitter and retweet the post.
  • Then submit the BSC wallet address.
  • Also Get 0.05 YSF for each referral.

Airdrop rewards will be distributed to your wallet address on June 25th



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