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By Willian | Airdrop&bounty ID | 15 May 2020

hello everyone good night ... I want to give information to you especially those who don't know, who already know, can listen because it's free, eaaa for airdrop hunter maybe you guys have joined here air coinsbit market. vent a little this is the second time I participated here ... beginning last year was the opening of trade. The results did not disappoint for me because as a free search already said lumayann ,, I don't need to share the results of this event or as proof, because in Goole there must be: D I further recommend this airdrop, don't be afraid when he who participates in this event / airdrop can feel the sweetness of the airdrop. that's it, and one thing is registration only until May 20 this month ... trading starts on June 6, or maybe it can progress. how to register:
1. use your valid email,
2. make a paswort ..
3. press list
4. check inbox for verification #a safe step friend (take a deep breath ")
5. You must kyc, kyc is on your profile here you must take a selfie using your ID card / passport and coinsbit exchange, write your signature and data when you do kyc. Note: for kyc, you must reduce the maximum file size to 2MB

for more info me share on the telegran channel:

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Never give up# and say fuc*k scamm

Airdrop&bounty ID
Airdrop&bounty ID

Wellcome,, ------------------- believe it or not crypto can change your life ,,

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