Write Articles & Get Paid (Upto 2$ per Article)

Write Articles & Get Paid (Upto 2$ per Article)

By Sabingurung | Airdrop... | 12 May 2020

I know guys few weeks ago I have posted a lot of scam websites on publishox. For that, I really want to say sorry from my inner heart to all of you. Because I also got scammed too on those websites like as well u did.  I also didn't know whether those websites were real or not. I  did so many tasks  & at last, I got nothing more than a penny. But  From now I will promise you to share only legit websites for earning money from home by researching and giving more time to it. With that intention, I come to another website from where you can earn money simply writing articles. This is a 100% Genuine and Highest Paying Website. You can search it on google or youtube if you don't believe it.

So the website where you get money by writing an article is Kiki.  It gives freedoms for writers and other people to share their feelings as well as helps in generating income like as we have in publishox. This is my best platform for generating income by writing articles after publishox. It has the highest pay rate of around 2$ per article.

So how do you make money on kiki?

kiki has a website and available on both Android and Apple phone. In kiki you make money simply posting articles like in publishox. But the difference between kiki and publishox is that publishox gives you money on the basis of views whereas kiki gives you money on the basis of how many words you write on the article. This is the best advantage of kiki friends.

On kiki posting article of 300 words make you to earn more. It means If you just post a photo without having 300 words then you will get from few cents to 1$ instantly.However, if you can write an article of 300 words based on without copywrited then you will make up to 1$ to 2$ instantly without getting any views. That's why I love kiki more guys where You don't need any views to get paid. Just write an article of 300 words, post it and get 1$ to 2$. 

But there are certain rules to follow while posting articles guys. You must read it before you post though it pays high amount of money.(2$ for 300 words article)


#1  You should not copy other articles ( Same as publishox) which means the articles you post should have your own words.

#2  You can post anything (eg your photos) besides pornography. And if you have to use other photos you should write at least 200 words.

#3  You cannot post links 

#4  You cannot write articles about Money related Websites and Apps ( Most Important). This is because that is not your own word articles. You just described the app or articles by reading it.


After following these rules you can post any article friends and you can make up to maximum 2$ for an articles. I have seen many bloggers inside the app that have posted articles about their blog and earning money. Not only that friends you can also make your own page inside the app where if you get 100 followers into your page then you can have a feature of becoming super creator where you get paid not only for writing articles but also for checking and reviewing other articles. This is for a lifetime earning friends. The minimum payout is $75 and you can payout through any method like Paypal, Bitcoins. Last time kiki payment was disabled because of COVID19 and those payments has been announced to be made on May 31st with 5$ bonus= $80.


That's all about kiki friends. If you want to join kiki then use this link  https://www.kikiers.com/  and Signup with my code  BuKTFdCnh 


 Kiki is a genuine website/App which has been running since 2009. If you have any questions related to KIki then You can comment down below.



Other Genuine Way To Make Money

1.  http://www.star-clicks.com/?ref=50518451 (Visiting Ads and Making Money -up to 1 cent per ad)

2.  https://vrlps.co/r483g87/cp (Bankiom-  20$ per referral)

3.  https://minepi.com/sabingurung

4.  https://t.me/betnomibot?start=1014183936 (Betnomi Airdrop - 36$ per referral)



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