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Join Bankiom & Get 20$ for First referral

By Sabingurung | Airdrop... | 3 May 2020

Guys If you have not joined Bankiom yet then I request you to join as fast as you can because when Bankiom goes live you cannot make money by referring people. Right now Bankiom gives you 5$ for a Signup Bonus and 20$ for referring your friend to the website. But when it goes live referring system stops and the people who have referred before it goes live only gets the money. SO join Bankiom and get 20$ for referring your friend.

So What is Bankiom & How is the payment calculated??

Bankiom is the first digital online bank that provides all its banking facilities online through app platforms on mobile and tablets. Through Bankiom You can make money Simply by signing up and referring people. Bankiom is available worldwide. Central parties, the middle man like Banks don't get involved on Bankiom. It's decentralised Bank where you can directly make a payment to a person, store your money in your mobile wallet. You can store up to 100,000Euro on your wallet.

Next is Payment

Payment is based on how much you people you refer someone. You can earn unlimited money if you refer more peoples to a website through your link. When you register through my link you will earn 5Euro and for referring others you will earn 20Euro for first referral and 5Euro for 2nd and further referral. There are no restrictions on how many numbers of referral you can make. There is no minimum payout and the mode of payment is through ATM card

My Earning

How do you join Bankiom

1st>>>  Click the given link

2nd>>> Enter your Name and Email

3rd>>> Confirm your email

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