$8800 April Fool Day Airdrop By Huobi

By Sabingurung | Airdrop... | 1 Apr 2021

As we know Huobi comes in the Top 4 exchanges after Binance, Kucoin and Coinbase. As a starting of a new day in April month; a special month for fooling people, they are giving away $8,800 Huobi Tokens  (HT) to random 500 People. Thus 1 person gets = 8800/500 =$18. Join early and get the chance of participating in HT Tokens.

How to Join?

Follow these steps to enter in :-

1: Go to Huobi Task Page

2: Follow Huobi Page and their Founder in Twitter

3: Retweet and Like their Tweets

4: Enter your Email 

That's all friends. You will receive an email from Huobi Exchange after the end of giveaway if you come in random 500 People. Refer your friends for getting more entries. Thank you



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In the world of cryptocurrency, Airdrop defines the free distribution of tokens or coins sent to multiple digital wallets for engaging in their Tweeter, Telegram, Medium, Instagram and Facebook Channels etc. later the coins can be exchanged for cryptocurrency like Bitcoins, Ethereum. The main purpose of distributing airdrop assets is to aware and educate people pf different types of tokens as they are dispersed far and wide.

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