10,000 USD Worth BTC Giveaway for 100 users from Phemex😍😱😱

By Sabingurung | Airdrop... | 23 Apr 2021

Phemex is one of the top exchange for leverage trading. As a sudden crash on Bitcoin Market ( Nearly 30% dump), They are doing a giveaway of 10,000 USD worth of BTC to random 100 Users. That means each person gets 100 USD BTC. ​Join the campaign and be the one among that 100 members.

Steps to Join

1: Signup on Phemex if you haven't

2: Visit the Giveaway Page and Enter your UID From Phemex


                                  Example: My UID is 1069660

3: Follow their Twitter, Tweet & Retweet

4: Answer the given Question 

Question:  What's the APY of Flexible Earn Crypto account?

Answer:  10%

5: Follow them On Linkedin ( Optional )

That's all friends. After the end of the airdrop, they will distribute 100 USD worth of BTC to random 100 Winners using your Phemex UID. The more you refer people the more there is a chance that you will come in random 100 people.


More information:

Phemex is a top-rated exchange like Binance. The giveaway is 100% Guaranteed and they have already done so many airdrops (Lastly on the doge pump). So feel free to join without any hesitation. if you have any issue joining, then you can comment down below. Thank you.





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In the world of cryptocurrency, Airdrop defines the free distribution of tokens or coins sent to multiple digital wallets for engaging in their Tweeter, Telegram, Medium, Instagram and Facebook Channels etc. later the coins can be exchanged for cryptocurrency like Bitcoins, Ethereum. The main purpose of distributing airdrop assets is to aware and educate people pf different types of tokens as they are dispersed far and wide.

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