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By Airdrex | Airdrex | 12 Sep 2020

Most Billionaires create their WEALTH with real estate assets, now is your chance to create your wealth by tokenizing your real estate asset to create liquidity and eliminate the debt.

UBETS threatens to shake up the real estate market with a new real estate tokenization platform and process. Funder1.co.uk is a London-based company that has created a blockchain powered platform that utilizes Smart Contracts to tokenize real estate purchases and pay off mortgages and any debt peer to peer.

Funder One Capital’s innovative development opportunity is based on cutting-edge technologies including Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and tokenization of real-world assets. Their network overcomes existing technical hurdles and uses enterprise-grade, fault-tolerant distributed ledger technology as its foundation. They have combined a token-based distributed framework with artificially intelligent systems using deep transaction capabilities, connecting three (3) platforms to create greater value for investors and property owners alike. Funder One Capital believes that UBETS has a number of advantages over traditional Bitcoin offerings.

Funder One Capital (UBETS) platform and process has a Non-Recourse Funding Program that tokenize the assets and create the liquidity by eliminating the debt in Blockchain under Smart Contracts. In the conventional system, the banks monetize the property and/or asset then, create a debt for the consumer and/or the end user, the investors lose their investment if there is any default and the bankers receive a FAT BONUS at the end of the year. This allows their investors to make more on their ROI in a short period of time and the end user does not have a debt nor a foreclosure clause on their property. It is a Non-Recourse Funding Program.


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