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By Airdrex | Airdrex | 16 Sep 2020

Through the Digex airdrop you can get 50 000 DIGEX tokens for free if you register on Digex exchange. Also, you can get more tokens for each referral.

What is Digex?

Digex.io is a new BTC-futures exchange with:

  • Rebates for makers and takers
  • Built-in bots and strategies
  • Trade-mirroring
  • 1-second chart
  • Trade battles
  • Aggregated liquidity
  • No funding fee
  • Staking: up to 0.5% daily
  • 1-click trading via templates/Telegram

The Digex exchange allows users to earn profits whether cryptocurrency prices rise or fall, offering leverage up to x125 (125x leverage means that if you place an order and the price goes in predicted direction by 1%, your profits will be 125% of your order amount).

In addition, their exchange plans to attract to the cryptocurrency market millions of new users, who have never used cryptocurrencies before, but learn from their friends who have started to use their exchange and were impressed by the functionality, simplicity and favorable conditions for traders.

Digex airdrop – Step-by-step guide

  • Register on Digex exchange. Login to your Airdrex account, register via this link and get + 1 AE.
  • Verify your email and login to your account.
  • You will receive 50 000 DIGEX tokens for free.
  • You can stake your tokens and get 0,5% daily.
  • Also, share your referral link and get more tokens.
  • Don’t forget to join our Telegram channel and follow us on Facebook to receive new airdrops!

Note: DIGEX token is listed on Coinmarketcap.

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