WeDefi - $50 bonus and daily rewards for free - Airdrex

WeDefi - $50 bonus and daily rewards for free - Airdrex

By Airdrex | Airdrex | 19 Jun 2020

Through the WeDefi airdrop you can get 100 FSN tokens ($50) for free if you download WeDefi app. Also, you can get more FSN tokens for each referral.

What is Fusion token (FSN)?

The FSN token is an essential component of all the tools available in the Fusion ecosystem. FSN tokens enable access to the entire suite of features and financial transactions on the network.

WeDefi airdrop – Step-by-step guide

  • Download WeDefi app and login via your phone number.
  • Very important: You must use this referral code “airdrex” to receive the reward!
  • Login to your account and click on “Claim“. Your tokens will be locked for 90 days. You will receive rewards from this locked amount every day. (Approx. 20% p.a.)
  • You can withdraw your daily rewards at any time. FSN token is listed on Coinmarketcap and tradable on many major exchanges.
  • Also, share your referral link, get a higher rank and earn more tokens. Details can be found on this page.
  • Don’t forget to join our Telegram channel and follow us on Facebook to receive new airdrops!

Note: If you see the message “Your country is not supported” when entering the number, fill out this form and register in about 48 hours.

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