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By Airdrex | Airdrex | 8 May 2021

BeforeCoinMarketCap is a platform for tracking initial placement of tokens, and audit of valid tokens with small volume. This platform rewards users of valuable information and tokens of own ecosystem tokens.

The main is TIME. All crypto enthusiasts know how much time spends for tracking every token, which located in your wallet or exchanger. Eternal questions: “where trades token, when day of listing, or maybe token come into another blockchain etc.” Answer on these questions can be find on their platform. You won’t have to check much of tokens to find yours among huge of announcements. Just enter your wallet address and you will get all information about your tokens.

Step by Step

  • Register on BeforeCoinmarketcap website.
  • Verify your account (KYC).
  • Share your referral link. After yours friend’s verification you get 250 BCMC1 tokens ($3,75).
  • Don’t forget to join our Telegram channel and follow us on Facebook to receive new airdrops!


BeforeCoinmarketcap & Latoken

  • Register on LaToken exchange.
  • Login to your account, click on “profile” and verify your account. (TIER 2)
  • You will receive $50 of credit that can be used to pay 25% of fees.
  • Start Latoken Telegram Airdrop bot.
  • Complete simple social tasks.
  • You will receive 200 BCMC1 tokens ($3).
  • Share your referral link and get 300 BCMC1 ($4,5) token for each referral.
  • Don’t forget to join our Telegram channel and follow us on Facebook to receive new airdrops!

Note: BCMC1 is tradable on P2PB2B.

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