Some Great Benefits Of Purchasing A Trailer Concrete Pump

By AIMIX | AIMIX Group | 22 Apr 2021

As being the name suggests, trailer concrete is the sort of pump that is certainly usually attached to a trailer. The trailer may either be single or multi-axled. Most of these pumps are widely used in small-scale and medium-scale projects. It can also be used in some large-scale projects. They possess a pumping capacity ranging from 30 m3/h to 135 m3/h which sufficiently meets certain requirements of the projects. When linked to the appropriate vehicle, these pumps can easily be transported from one construction site to another.

Hoses/pipes are connected to the drain valve of your trailer concrete pump and therefore the workers place the opposite end of your pipe where the concrete should really be poured. Dependant upon the distance the concrete needs to be conveyed, additional pipes are connected using suitable couplings. For this reason, these kinds of pump enables you to pump concrete over long distances making it very convenient. The pipes and couplings are made from steel which minimizes the possibility of damages.


However, considering steel pipes can be heavy and even heavier when there is concrete flowing through them, an adaptable rubber pipeline is generally attached after the steel pipeline in an attempt to increase maneuverability.

It is also worth noting that you could connect multiple pipelines towards the pump meaning that you may be capable to supply different locations. Special gate valves are used to control the flow of concrete within the different pipelines. To make sure that this pump provides a high rate of discharge, you need to feed it continuously.

So, do you know the unique great things about investing in a trailer concrete pump?

1. Flexibility

With this type of pump, conveying concrete is made easier. The amount of pipes may be increased or decreased according to where the concrete is to be placed. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, a trailer concrete pump allows for the link of multiple pipelines which can be controlled using special gate valves. The project could be completed faster as workers can work on different parts of the website:

Workers may also conveniently put the pipes around obstacles, as well as at great heights or depths as well as the hard-to-access areas. There is no denying that developing a trailer concrete pump brings about a great deal of convenience.

2. Great Pumping Distance

Trailer pumps have a great pumping distance and will gain a horizontal pumping distance of 2000 meters as well as a vertical pumping distance of 400 meters. This can help to reduce movement and relocation of equipment within the construction site, especially should it be a sizable-scale construction project or perhaps a high-rise building construction. The physical stress on workers is significantly reduced.

3. Ease of Transportation

The unique design of the trailer concrete pump for sale enables easy transportation from the pump. It is compact and has portability features as a result it only must be linked to a car or truck which is powerful enough.

4. Wide Range of Applications

The trailer concrete pump works extremely well in several types of construction sites including bridges, tunnels, engineering power stations amongst other locations which render it tough to put in place and employ other sorts of concrete pumps.

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